Spirituality Chat

TOPIC: Spirituality Discussion Centered Around Clean / Sober Living


Join in the Internet Relay Text Chats on the open internet below.

Enjoy the chat 7 days a week. Bring your stories, curiosity and questions. We will be expecting you.


  • Please clear out the Nick that says "Spirituality##" and Type in your own NickName.

  • Click CONNECT.

  • If the chat does not load, use a different web browser that does not monitor / restrict free speech. We also suggest, you look into downloading an IRC Chat Client / Program / App, rather than using a web-plugin. We live at irc.ouch.chat #spirituality port: 6667 (no ssl is necessary)


  1. IRC is not always a fast replying chat. Slow down, wait for a reply, people are usually multitasking and will reply back to you when they see what you have wrote, start with "Hi!" even, if the chat is quiet. It's common to wait between 5-10 minutes. Hang out, idle and enjoy!

  2. If you see someone being disrespectful, or hateful, please do not feed into it, reply or enable that conversation. Let that persons' psychological projection end with you not replying to them, please ignore them.

If you feel triggered and upset, you may report it to an operator with "@" in front of their name. You may also type /ignore nickname of said offender using the "/" symbol before the word ignore.

  1. This is a free speech chat network, please be civil to others, this does not entitle you to be offensive, insulting or derogatory. Think before you speak and if you would not say it to an offline person to their face, do not say it on the internet!

  2. Zero trolling policy. Harassment and stalking will not be tolerated.

  3. Please do not caplock (scream), spam, flood the chat with repeated questions, statements or links.

  4. Please choose a unique nickname, if your nickname appears too close to someone else's nickname, we encourage you to please change it with numbers or variations to avoid confusion of who is speaking.

You can do this by typing /nick NewName please do not forget to use the "/" before the nick command.

  1. If there is currently something being discussed in the chat, please try to stay on topic without dominating or chat steering, otherwise this may cause chat death. Chat etiquette would suggest that once that topic is done being discussed, you can suggest your topic.